Adoption/Foster Care Therapy

Children who are adopted, even as infants, have complex backgrounds and require a flexible and comapssionate approach to their growth and development.  Adopted/foster children may have neurological differences that present as a ‘stress-shaped brain,’ as they appear to overreact to minor challenges and transitions. Milestones, anniversaries, and other events in a child’s life may elicit baffling reactions.  A mixture of sensory, expressive, attachment, and post-traumatic stress issues are common with adopted children throughout their growth and development.

Despite the effects and results of trauma, abuse, neglect, and inconsistent care-giving, it is possible to manage these concerns with skill, persistence and empathy.  Our strength-based adoption/foster care therapy can assist a child and family in order to cope, adjust, and ultimately thrive.

Sally Carman OTR/L has received her certification in adoption/foster care therapy, working under the tutelage of national experts Deborah Gray, MSW (‘Attaching in Adoption’), and Patty Cogen (‘Parenting your Internationally Adopted Child’).  She has worked in clinical mental health settings for over twelve years, and has been a Clinical Adjunct Instructor at the University of Puget Sound. Sally’s in-depth study towards certification has been enhanced by her personal experience:  she has adopted two older children with complex backgrounds.  Sally has worked first-hand with cross-cultural issues, language acquisition, and other significant matters related to adoption and family adjustment.  Her passion and her enthusiasm for adoptive/foster care families is evident in all she does!