A child may have sensory processing issues when they magnify, minimize or are unable to integrate information obtained from their senses.  The results of sensory processing challenges may manifest as a child who is/has:

  • Generally disorganized
  • Falling off chairs or knocking objects off desk
  • Difficulty with auditory processing related to learning
  • Difficulty with focus — either hypervigilant or easily distracted
  • Oversensitive to light, sound, touch, or taste
  • Low muscle tone, poor motor coordination
  • Intolerance to stress/easily frustrated
  • Avoidance of activities perceived as different or difficult

These and many other traits may be related to sensory processing issues.  Pediatric Occupational Therapists specialize in individual evaluation and treatment with children who have a wide variety of sensory issues.  We provide evidence-based treatment that has been shown to help children improve in the way they take in information, modulate it, and integrate it ina regulated manner